About the Designer

Hi, I’m Kolleen, the designer of Manic Bling Jewelry.

Manic Bling


I’ve been designing jewelry for almost 40 years, starting with taking a Silversmith jewelry making class in 1978. I learned quickly how easy it is to make a piece of silver into a giant silver ball!

Some of the other types of jewelry I make are wire wrapping, chainmail, working with Swarovski crystal rhinestones, beading, filigree wrapping and any new idea that comes my way.

One of my favorite things to design is custom bridal jewelry and jewelry for the entire wedding party. I can work with stainless steel or solid sterling silver, depending on your taste and budget.

I’m not satisfied making the same things everyone else is making.  You’ll find there is a difference in my jewelry. Most of my photo pendants are my own original artwork that you won’t find anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy looking at and hopefully, wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it!

As a full-time career, I am a successful freelance website designer.  Making jewelry is my “therapy” away from the computer.  I was also a mechanical designer in the robotics and weather instrumentation industries for 20 years.

I incorporate my graphics and mechanical abilities into my jewelry design to make it truly unique!