Executive Summary

The report titled “ Asia Gems and Jewelry Industry Outlook to 2015 –– China Outpacing India as the marketplace Leader in Asia” offers a comprehensive analysis on the gems and jewelry market in significant Asian nations, namely India, China, Japan, Honk Kong and Thailand covering numerous aspects such as market size of the gems and jewelry sector on the basis of profits generated from retail sales, market segmentation on the basis of retail sales of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and other precious stones jewelry segments, major gems and jewelry import and export market size and segments. The report also requires competitive landscape and profiles of the significant players running in the gems and jewelry market in each nation. The SWOT Analysis is also supplied to understand the marketplace conditions in the respective nations. The report also covers future estimates to supply an insight on the prospective customers in the gems and jewelry market of these 5 countries.

Asia gems and jewelry market has actually showcased wonderful durability and growth over the duration. The marketplace has been an influential foreign exchange earner for the area positioning Asia among the largest export markets on the planet. The region has emerged as a center for diamond and valuable stones cutting, gold production and trading, leveraging on the low labor costs, adroit professionals and abundant resources. The overall Asia gems and jewelry market grew at a 2 year CAGR of|from sales of USD|billion in 2008 to USD billion in 2010. The sales in 2010 grew by|as compared to the development rate of marginal|in 2009.

India is the biggest customer of gold jewelry in the world with usage of around tons per annum bookkeeping for almost|of international usage in 2010. India is presently the leading diamond cutting and polishing hub of the world and likewise the third largest consumer of refined diamonds behind the United States and Japan. The nation commands|market share in value sales,|by carats and|share in the international market on the basis of variety of diamond pieces offered. Gitanjali and Titan Industries are the significant branded retail jewelry business operating in India.

Greater China, which consists of Mainland China and Hong Kong is a significant jewelry market and is presently the second biggest market in Asia carefully behind India and is poised to fall India to end up being the leading gems and jewelry consuming region in Asia in 2011. China saw a development of around|in 2010 to record retail gems and jewelry sales worth of around USD|billion in 2010. This growth was backed by the economic recovery in 2010 which led to increased individual disposable earnings and rise in customer spending on luxury products. Hong Kong‘s total gems and jewelry sales is expected to grow at a 5 year CAGR of|% to showcase an approximated total sales worth of USD|billion by 2015.

Japan is the 3rd biggest customer of refined diamond and one of the leading customers of gold, gemstones and studded jewelry in the world. But over the duration, the country’s jewelry usage rate has been reducing. Japan presently has a market share of|in the worldwide diamond jewelry sales. Japan’s complete gems and jewelry sales have actually revealed a changing development over the duration. From sales of USD|billion in 2008, the sales stopped by|to USD|billion in 2009.

Thailand is a leading jewelry producer and exporter. Thailand is one of the foremost manufacturers of sapphire and the world’s leading market for processing of colored stones. Thailand’s gems and jewelry exports have actually consistently grown over the duration even during times of economic recession. The exports have grown from USD|billion in 2005 to USD|billion in 2010 at a 5 year CAGR of|%. Thailand jewelry market is approximated to grow at a CAGR of|% to reach USD|million in 2015. This growth will primarily be due to an expected increase in gold jewelry sales in the coming 5 years.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
– The marketplace size of gems and jewelry by retail sales, imports, and exports
– Market division and market share on the basis of retail sales of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and other jewelry sections. Division of gems and jewelry import and export segments inclusive of the significant 5 import and export markets.
– Trends and developments pertaining to this industry for each country.
– Competitive Landscape of the significant players running in each country
– SWOT analysis of the 5 countries with regard to gems and jewelry industry potential customers in addition to cause and impact relationship analysis in between industry factors and expected Asia gems and jewelry industry prospective customers
– Future outlook and forecasts of the retail sales of gems and jewelry and its sections for respective nations till 2015.
– Macroeconomic and industry factors including populace, GDP, traveler arrivals and receipts and metal and mineral manufacturing with regard to gems and jewelry industry.